Heinrich Brothers, Inc. will help you with your automated conveyor design or automated custom conveyor system to meet your conveying needs.

Conveyor System Design Include:
  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Powered roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Overhead monorail conveyors
  • Vertical reciprocating conveyors
  • Slat conveyor
  • Screw conveyors
  • Gravity Conveyor
  • and more…
Belt Conveyors Include:

Automated belt conveyors are driven with a motor that turns a conveying belt.

  • Horizontal belt conveyors
  • Low profile belt converyor
  • Inclined belt conveyors

A variety of belts are used including PVC belts, wiremesh belts, nonmarking belts (white), steel belts, cleated belts, and rubber belts.

  • Run with fixed speed or variable speeds
  • Often used on assembly lines, inspection lines, sorting lines, transporting small parts.
Roller Conveyors:

Automated roller conveyors can be powered or non-powered conveyor systems.

  • Used to move larger products and cartons
  • Gravity roller conveyors are low cost transportation or accumulation
  • Powered roller conveyors used to transport and accumulate product

As a distributor of over 40 different conveyor manufacturers, we are able to design your automated conveyor system using standard pre-engineered conveyors and conveyor components. We are also able to provide custom conveyors and components for many non-standard applications.

Gravity roller conveyors use no motor, are cost effective, and easy to install. These non-powered conveyors are usually used for horizontal or downhill (decline) applications and can be used in permanent or temporary conveyor lines. Cartons on non-powered conveyors can accumulate at an end point – which can save space, time, and man power.

Powered roller conveyors are driven with a motor moving the rollers in a variety of ways – belts, chains, additional rollers, and more. Powered roller conveyors are used for horizontal and uphill (incline) applications. They are often used to transport cartons or product from zone to zone within a warehouse. Heinrich will design a roller conveyor that works effeciently with your products and cartons.

Whether you require a belt conveyor, a roller conveyor, a chain conveyor or almost any other type of conveyor, we can help. In addition, many of the conveyors we sell are installed and serviced by our own personnel. We also provide you with conveyor rollers that meet your specific needs.